The Realities of an Online Business

The Realities of an Online Business with @lonilimitless

In case some of you missed my IG LIVE earlier today, here is the replay!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 💯✨⁣
As part of my BOSS INTERVIEWS series, I’m so excited to feature Loni! She shares so many great insights and so I hope you get a lot of value and take a lot of notes! 🤍⁣
Here’s a little bit about Loni:⁣⁣
At only 24, Loni has hit the gold-encrusted £10K months and massive team growth, only to leave it all behind to prioritise her mental health and passions instead.

Starting with a gut instinct to leave University in 2018, Loni first became a licensed financial advisor, then followed her passion of people and community into Social Media Management. Slowly growing her skills until this past year, when she scaled her now OBM business to a £12,000 month and a team of 4.

Following that high, Loni did not follow the norm. She scaled down, and discovered that while she was aiming for financial rewards, that wasn’t what she truly needed.

Now, Loni is cultivating her knowledge of online business, mental health, NLP and Sociology to lean into more creative, intuitive pursuits.

If you’ve felt like you want to re-discover your worth (outside of what society may encourage) then Loni is a friend for you!

For more information, here’s how to get in touch with Loni herself: ⁣
Follow her at: @lonilimitless