Recovering Perfectionist

Now here’s some food for thought… 🤓 Perfect is still like procrastination, but in a cuter outfit. 😉⁣⁣

So, I’m literally a recovering perfectionist. I have been living life with the mantra, “Indecision is the worst decision,” put simply, just so I could make decisions faster, to stop worrying so much, and to stop procrastinating!

This might be a silly example, but stick with me here. Think of trying to get the perfect outfit everyday for everything you’ve got booked for that day. There are some days where we might overdo it and worry about getting that perfect outfit for that perfect interview, or that perfect date. It could take hours to get ready and you keep trying on a million different outfit combos! It can be a little draining. You might spend so much time worrying about everything being perfect, that you don’t show up as your best… or you don’t even show up at all.

Think of some of the greats, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. These guys would wear some of the same outfits on a day to day just to limit the energy they’ve used to make decisions in just choosing their outfits for the day. They have bigger things to worry about. You might have bigger things to worry about in your life and businesses too, however pay attention to the little things. This might not even be something you’ve ever thought about! These little things can stack up and leave your energy all over the place. If we go day to day, worried, anxious, or drained, we’ll literally be so burnt out and get nowhere, thus causing more procrastination and putting off major tasks until ‘tomorrow‘.

Now that I’ve got some of your gears turning, it’s important to recognize that trying to make everything perfect is also just fancy procrastination. This actually might create more anxiety around putting out the perfect post, or video, or blog. Why not just do it? Present is better than perfect. I’ve always told my mentees to just make a mess and clean it later. Action solves all.

Some days it’s been hard to take my own advice, but I am a recovering perfectionist. I am human, and I am still working on this every single day.

Here’s a success tip:
Try remembering that mantra, “Indecision is the worst decision.” Use this as a trigger phrase to REFRAME your mind, to stop worrying, to just focus on making the decision, and to take action. Nike totally nailed it with, “Just Do It.”

You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to procrastinate. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Hope this helps you! I’m a big believer in mindset work. You might not think you need it, but some reminders like these can help impact your days and productivity in huge ways. Would love to hear about your wins!



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