Investing In Yourself

Investing In Yourself with @lovecoachcat

In case some of you missed my IG LIVE earlier today, here is the replay!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 💯✨⁣
As part of my BOSS INTERVIEWS series, I’m so excited to feature Cat! Cat is one of my beautiful mastermind sisters and just absolutely brings the fire in this episode 😍⁣
Here’s a little bit about Cat:⁣⁣
As a coach for over 7 years and trained through the Co-Active Coaching Model, Love Coach Cat thoroughly believes in the power of coaching to transform lives.⁣

In 2019, she launched her full-time coaching practice, the Coaching Method! With over 200 coaching clients and over 3,000 hours of coaching under her belt, Cat is on a mission to empower people to fall in love with themselves over and over again as a love coach, reiki healer, and serial social impact entrepreneur. At the Coaching Method she empowers individuals to love themselves deeply and live limitlessly in love, life, and impacts.⁣

When she’s not focused on building the world’s most loving empire, you can find her playing with her and her partner’s cat, reading, hiking in nature, doing yoga and breathwork, or prepping for the next adventure! ⁣

For more information, here’s how to get in touch with Cat herself: ⁣
Follow her at: @lovecoachcat ⁣