Essential Tips to Build Confidence

Essential Tips to Build Confidence with @b.c_coaching

All Things Confidence with Monique & Bre @b.c_coaching

In case some of you missed my IG LIVE this week, here is the replay!⁣

I got an overwhelmingly positive response from the first IG LIVE that I did and I wanted to do weekly Q&A’s with some of the incredible individuals and professionals in my network to continue to support you all and share value in whatever you might be struggling with. ⁣

In this one, I’m doing a Q&A with expert, Bre @b.c_coaching ✨ I’m sooo happy that Bre decided to join me on this topic and drop so much wisdom and value for you all! 💖⁣

Bre shares her insights about confidence and digs deep into the roots of confidence. Some people are really struggling with confidence right now having to put themselves out online for the first time. We share our tips and advice on how to boost your confidence during these times. ⁣

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about this topic and any feedback you may have in the comments below! Looking forward to hosting this as a weekly series for you all :)⁣