The Art of Delegation

Have you had much thought about building a team? Or were you like me and tried to control everything and do everything. 😂

When you can delegate certain tasks to others, you become free to focus on higher-value activities & use your time more productively. Delegation not only gives you time for strategic thinking, but it also allows you to focus on other tasks that only YOU can perform.⁣⁣

Trust me. It’s not easy. Delegation is also something that can be learned, refined, and mastered. For my very first hire in finance, I literally micromanaged everything! I was so afraid that if I wasn’t the person doing the task, mistakes would be made, or it wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I felt so bad, because she also didn’t feel confident in her abilities to get the task done. If anything, I made her more anxious and less productive. Not the highlight of my career, but I learned to trust. ⁣⁣

We had a team meeting and created an open forum for her to share all feedback – positive and negative, and for me to do the same. She straight up told me I was micromanaging and we needed to work together to find a solution. It wasn’t so much that she needed to fix anything or help me with some sort of solution. It was literally ALL ON ME. I had to accept responsibility to the fact that I was micromanaging and learn to back off.

The weeks following were great. I learned to trust her with tasks, and she ended up exceeding my expectations! She created her own systems and might have been even more detail-oriented than I was! (SHOCKER RIGHT?! Who could be even more detail-oriented than me?! 😉😂) It helped our relationship to thrive. Delegating to her became a breeze. She literally knew everything from the way I wanted my emails sent, files placed, to even how I preferred dashes and spaces in file names!

By learning to give up that control, it actually boosted my productivity. We became way more efficient in our systems and processes, and our practice grew tremendously. 💰

Action is everything. And you should be focusing on revenue generating activities. If there’s something you can delegate, absolutely do so. Spend your time on higher-value activities and focus in on more strategic thinking towards scaling your business.

Let me know your stories around delegation. Was it easy for you at first? Or what are your concerns about finding a new hire and getting started? Would love to hear from you!



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