Feel like you’re plateauing in your business?

You probably feel like you are MEANT FOR MORE.

You feel like you haven’t satisfied your DESIRES FOR MORE.

You feel like it’s the same sh*t, different day.

You’ve tried books, podcasts, self-help, coaching, consulting, but still feel stuck and cannot advance to the next level of your business.

What got you to 6 figures, isn’t going to get you to 7 figures.

Costs are now rising and you’re starting to feel like cashflow is becoming a real problem.

Does this sound like you?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN have it all and you ARE worthy of all of your desires.

Next level success is in your reach, and I can help you get there.

Lean on my experience and so you can avoid mistakes and achieve your goals faster.

My purpose is to empower others to carve their own path and live their life by design.

My boss signature method has been designed to support 6 and 7 figure businesses.

It’s about lifestyle, buying back your time, so you can live the life of your dreams.

You’ll have everything you need to start or scale your business.

This is for the entrepreneur that is ready to grow their business on more platforms to maximize their sales and visibility.


Regardless of the stage you’re at in your business, my focus is to help you transform your life by doing the inner work to go big in business & beyond! 💸

My mission is to help people WIN! Especially other minority owned businesses achieve massive success. I offer strategic consulting for online businesses. I am dedicated to helping businesses achieving lasting results in performance by identifying, developing, implementing and integrating effective strategies. I specialize primarily in helping clients improve their leadership skills, sales skills, decision making, problem solving, and personal development. I also offer strategy workshops and executive coaching.

I keep saying this, you CAN have it all and you CAN have it delivered! 😉 You know I’m obsessed with Porsches, so if that’s what you want as well, let’s make it happen! lol 

This is for high achieving entrepreneurs looking to grow online and scale to their first six or seven figures!

what do you get?

  • member price locked in FOREVER 😉
  • fresh new monthly training with Monique or guest experts
  • 60 min coffee chat q&a + coaching sessions every other week
  • access to core program modules on the Monique Sar Boss Signature System
  • full access to the client success vault with bonus resources for you and your business
  • private community access
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Online Startup Accelerator

This is our most sought after package for entrepreneurs at any stage of the game! So this is literally where you bring in my team to help you hit the ground running with a mix of done-for-you services and growth hacking strategy consulting!

This six-month consulting package includes the following:

  • Done-For-You Branding Suite
  • Social Media Strategy
  • New Website (UX Design and everything!)
  • 90 Day Action Plan 
  • 6 Months of Coaching & Consulting with Monique Directly
  • Full Access to the boss membership

Interested in learning more on going TOTAL BOSS MODE? CLICK HERE to book a discovery call! 🙂

If you’re still not sure, feel free to book a clarity call and see what’s right for you and your business at this time 🙂

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Need help getting organized with your business finances? The Monique Sar Boss Financial Success Kit can help you create your budgets, plan for quarterly taxes & financial emergencies, track affiliate marketing income, organize income sources and expenses, donations, and even travel expenses!

This has 16 different tools that can help you get your business finances in order! Once you get organized, you’ll know where you are and where you’re going — and obviously be a total BOSS 🙂


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