Boundaries with @keshiarice

In case some of you missed my IG LIVE last week, here is the replay!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
As part of my “High Achieving Hustlers” series every Tuesday and Thursday, I’m so excited to feature this amazing woman. ⁣We discussed such an important topic — BOUNDARIES.
A little bit about Keshia:⁣⁣
Keshia Rice is a dating coach and two-time Emmy-nominated journalist. As a coach, Keshia helps successful, Christian women learn how to attract quality men without compromising their values, identity, or sanity.⁣

As the daughter, sister, and niece of preachers, Keshia understands what it’s like as a Christian woman to balance a conservative upbringing with modern hookup culture. And like many women in the corporate world, Keshia knows the challenges of being ambitious while maintaining your femininity.⁣

Keshia and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia. When she’s not coaching or producing TV newscasts, Keshia loves to travel. She’s been to several states, and ten countries.⁣

For more information, here’s how to get in touch with Keshia herself: ⁣
Follow her at: @keshiarice